Travels and photography in the Asia-Pacific region including the wide open spaces of Down Under – Australia, my home country. As well, there are the many interesting countries and cultures to the north, as well as the friendly Pacific isles to the east.

I tagged along with a group of friends travelling to the Cook Islands at the beginning of 2012, and was glad I did. Read about how to relax and do absolutely nothing, if you want, here.

I fulfilled a long-held desire to travel to Cambodia in late 2012 to see the amazing Angkor Wat. Desperate to get the best out of the sprawling World Heritage site in a relatively short period of time, I joined a four-day tour taken by a professional photographer. Read all about the adventure here. I also travelled to the nearby city of Battambang, and enjoyed an interesting day tour on the back of a local guide’s motorcycle. It’s all here. Getting to Battambang from Siem Reap was an experience on the slow boat – another great day of travel and photography.

In early 2014, I took a short break up to Bali … and happened upon something Bali is famous for – its funerals! Take a look how it unfolded, and why it always pays to keep your camera handy when travelling, here.

I had wanted to see the Antony Gormley sculptures at Lake Ballard, Western Australia, for many years. And while the trip was not without concerns and challenges, it proved perfect in the end, as you can read about here.

In February 2015, I ticked off another item on the bucket list, saved up my pennies and did a 12-day travel photography tour of Myanmar with Nathan Horton Photography. It was a terrific experience and I came away with plenty of great photographs. You can read about the main part of the trip here.

In 2016 I finally made it to another World Heritage-listed town I have long wanted to go to: Luang Prabang. Seeing the tak bat or Buddhism early morning alms rounds was not without its challenges for photographers, but to make the most of the situation read my experience and tips here.

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