A death on the road to Ubud

It was on a recent short trip to Bali that I was pleased I lived by a valuable maxim: never have your camera too far away when travelling. I was being driven from the south of the island to the inland town of Ubud, when traffic on the single-lane road came to a halt outside a village. A police officer […]

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A Monumental Valley

His name was Myron Red Moustache, and he was going to tell me the story of how he came to have such a name. But first, I was to climb into the truck cabin with him, leaving our three German tour “hitchhikers” in the back. He was going to tell the story to me, not them.

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A whole lot of hole

The Grand Canyon

So why is it called Grand Canyon? What else could you call it? Is ginormous actually a word? Ginormous Canyon? Humongous Canyon? Neither sounds as elegant. Nor does Most Incredible, Unbelievably Large Canyon in the World, Ridiculously Huge Canyon, You Can’t Imagine How Big it Actually Is Canyon. You get the idea.

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