The Americas

OK, so I’ve never been to South America (although I’d love to), or Central America, for that matter, or Mexico, or Canada, for that matter. So far, then, this page deals with the United States of America – but what a place, so much to see.

I’ve always wanted to hire a car and drive across the great America landscape, and I fulfilled this dream, or part of it at least, in 2011. I was inspired in part by landscapes such as the amazing Mile 13 peg scene in northern Arizona, looking on to Monument Valley in the distance. Confused, have a look here.

I loved the open spaces rock formations of Monument Valley, a very special and spiritual place, and who better to show me around this part of the Navajo Nation than a Navajo, with some Mexican background. Read about it here.

An amazing place for photographers is Page, Arizona, where there are the beautiful slot canyons. I joined a tour down the Lower Antelope canyon and, while most of the resulting photos disappointed me (I had a cheap and not very stable tripod, and paid the price), I did manage one or two good ones. See them and read about it here.

Of course, a canyon of a different type was nearby, and I wasn’t going to miss it. How can you? The Grand Canyon is big – very big, and it’s one of the most amazing natural landscapes I’ve ever seen. My experiences with it are here.

Another great spot for photographers is the public art installation that is known as Cadillac Ranch, in Amarillo, northern Texas. There were quite a few other people at this site when I was there, one late afternoon. But amazingly, I managed one photo of the cars just as a few kids were hidden from view, so it looks like no one is there. See it and read about it here.

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